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GSK980TE2 Ethernet Bus System

GSK980TE2 including horizontal and vertical mounting structure, GSK980TE2-H and GSK980TE2-V from CNCmakers.

GSK980TE2 is Ethernet bus type lathe CNC system, adaptation slant bed turning machine, with processing

efficiency and high precision, it is easy to learn. Supports GSK-LINK Ethernet

bus, absolute 130 000 line encoder, servo turret and four-station turret, etc.

 it has three-state switch and Cs-axis control, supports graphics (template) programming function.

l)High-precision , high efficiency and fast response, stable performance, maximum positioning speed 30m/min, maximum feed speed 15m/min.

2)AC servo spindle adaptable with continuous positioning.

3)Support quadratic curve interpolation , interpolation ellipse , parabola interpolation function , with a variety of complex fixed cycle.

4)Support metric/imperial programming with automatic chamfering , C tool compensation , macro , automatic tool compensation function.

5)8.4 -inch color widescreen LCD display , support for Chinese/English display.

6)Front RS232 communication interface , front USB port, support U disk file operations and software upgrades.

7)Support MPG handwheel,external MPG pendant and servo turret.

8)With prompted alarm help tips, for easier troubleshooting.

9)Security features, including protective doors, three-color lights, emergency stop,hardware stroke limit , software limit detection.

10)Support GSK-LINK Ethernet bus function , easy connection, scalability,support for 17 absolute encoder , high precision, no need to return zero,

powerful servo debugging tools can adjust servo parameters on the CNC.

11)Simplify the programming process , support graphics template programming (optional) and physical analog processing functions.

12)With PLC control module and the PLC axis function (supports up to 16 axes), open interactive features , more suitable for completecated machine

retrofitting (optional ).




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