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GSK980TTi Dual-channel CNC with Ethernet Bus


GSK980TTi Dual-channel Turning Machine CNC control system from CNCmakers.

  It is a dual-channel turning machine CNC system with Ethernet Bus function, and can be equipped with absolute encoder.

GSK 980TTi Characteristics:
*Double channels, dual-spindle and double tool posts control
*Interpolation cycle 2ms, least command increment 0.1μm
*Embedded multiple PLC programs, and current PLC program is optional
*PLC ladder diagram is displayed on-line and controlled at real time
*MPG trial cutting function
*Programming path preview function
*Programming help function
*Tool offset value directly input function
*Multiple timing stop function
*Outer groove cycle cutting
*Statement macro command programming. macro program call with parameters
*Three-point circular interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, polar coordinate interpolation
*Metric/inch programming, automatic tool setting, automatic chamfer, tool life management
*Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese display
*The system has USB port, which can realize U-disk files operation, system configuration and software   updating
*One-way electronic MPG input, handhold electronic MPG
*41-point common input/36-point common output, I/O expansion

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