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GSK988TD GSK988TDs Dual Channel Turning CNC

GSK988TD Dual Channel CNC Turning Center Controller from CNCmakers,
including GSK980TD,GSK980TD-H,GSK980TDs and GSK980TDs-H.
they are dual-channel turning center CNC, based on ARM+DSP dual-core
hardware architecture by connecting between industrial Ethernet bus,
servo drive unit and remote I/O unit.

It can control up to 10 feed axes(including Cs axis and PLC axis)
and 4 spindles, equipped with 6 feed axes(including Cs axis) and
3 spindles of each path, connected with servo and I/O unit by GSK-Link bus.

It is matched servo motor uses high-resolution absolute encoder to
realize 0.1um position precision, and 1ms interpolation period to
perform a turning-milling compound machining and can meet the controlled
requirements of intermediate turning center and milling machining center.




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