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 K1000TIV is a new generation superior turning center CNC system with high performance 32-bit microprocessor and open PLC process. It is employed with 10.4 inch color LCD display. It can control 4 feeding axes, 4 simultaneously controlled axes. It has horizontal and vertical installation structure. It can be matched with KND or YASKAWA Digital AC servo driver. K1000TIV is the best choice for full function CNC turning machine and CNCTurning Center.


    l Apply 32-bits powerful CPU to achieve high-speed, high-precision control. The maximum speed reaches up to 30 m/min

    l 10.4 inch TFT LCD with the resolution of 640×480.

    l Six layer main board applying SMT, custom-build FPGA, high integration technology, perfect structure design ensures that the system has high reliability and high anti-interface capability.

    l Support the open-style PLC function to meet the secondary development of the machine tool builder.

    l Two types of machine control panels including the standard panel with film-buttons and one with pushed buttons are available. On the later one the functions of the 50 pushed buttons and 50 lamps are able to defined by customs.

    l Remote I/O modules based on CAN bus can be use to extend the number of I/O points up to 512/512.

    l Chinese operation interface and full help information make the operation more conveniently.

    l Perfect self-diagnosis function. Display the internal and external states in real time and alarms will be issued timely when some abnormity happens.

    l Powerful instruction execution ability to achieve the high-speed, small-line-section machining

    l High-speed DNC machining are available based on the transmit rate reaches up to 115200 bps and large program buffer space.

    l 640 kB internal program memory space. U-disk port can be use to extend the space of program and to perform DNC machining.

    l Rich NC functions: macro program B, rigid tapping, local coordinate system, coordinate system rotation, coordinate scaling, polar coordinate system, etc.






    Controlled Axes

    XZ or XYZC

    Metric/inch conversion


    Simultaneous Controlled Axes

    2 or 4

    Communication Function

    RS232 port(Baud Rate up to 115200)

    Interpolation Mode


    Program, parameter, offset data download from / upload to PC available

    Least Programming Unit

    0.001 mm or 0.0001 inch

    Remote Control

    Download/Upload PLC Program, Machining Program

    Largest programming value

    ±99999.999 mm

    USB Interface


    Max Rapid Travel Speed

    30000.000 mm/min

    Macro Program

    Macro A or B

    Max Feed Speed

    15000.000 mm/min

    (or 30000m/min)

    Emergency Stop, Stroke Limit

    Emergency stop signal, soft and hard travel limit

    Feedrate Override

    Manual / Auto 0~150% 16 Levels


    P/S alarm, driver alarm, over travel alarm

    Instant adjustment by band-switch (on Add-on panel)

    System error alarm, external alarm

    Program Storage /Count / Electronic Disk


    (640kB/512/3 optional)

    Acceleration /


    Linear, exponential


    10.4 inch color TFT LCD

    Return Reference Point

    Manual and Auto

    Resolution 640×480 / Chinese or English user interface

    Electric Gear Box Ratio

    1~127 : 1~127

    Additional Operation Interface

    Additional panel, separated control box

    Machine Tool Control

    Machine tool lock, feed hold, program block skip


    Position, timer, cycle counter, date, time, speed and so on

    Feed Control

    Auto, manual, jog, hand wheel

    Graphics Function

    Graphic parameter setting and graphic display

    DI/DO Ports

    DI: 40 points, DO: 24 points

    Expansible up to 512 / 512 via CAN bus

    PLC Function

    Open PLC

    Driver Configuration

    Digital AC Servo Driver

    Tool Compensation

    Tool length compensation

    Measurement Function


    Backlash Compensation / Pitch Error Compensation

    Cutter length, tool nose radius compensation (Compensation C)

    Simple/Complex Cycles


    Spindle Function

    Gears control, analog voltage, rigid tapping

    Thread Cutting

    Straight Thread, Taper Thread, End Thread, Variable-pitch Thread

    Auxiliary Functions

    Manual / MDI / auto controlled spindle forward or backward turning

    Diameter/Radius Programming


    Stop, coolant on / off, lube on / off

    Per-min/Per-Rev Feed Control



    Program Edit

    Relative/Absolute/Mixed Programming, Decimal Programming


    Surface Speed Control


    Work Coordinate System


    Tool Offset


    Subroutine Call


    Tool Control

    PLC Programming Control












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