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KY-1000T Lathe CNC System

       KY1000T/KY1000Tc lathe CNC system is a popular CNC system, with two structures of vertical and horizontal. The system adopts 32-bit high-performance CPU and ultra-large-scale programmable device FPGA. Real-time control and hardware interpolation technology ensure the high efficiency of the system with μm-level precision. The editable PLC makes the logic control function more flexible and powerful. The KY1000T system can control 5 feed axes, 2 analog spindles, 1ms high-speed interpolation, and 0.1μm control accuracy, which significantly improves the efficiency, accuracy and surface quality of parts processing.

Functional characteristics
v Number of control axes: 5 feed axes, two analog spindles;
v Number of linkage axes: 5 axes;
vAdapted servo spindle can realize continuous spindle positioning, rigid tapping and rigid thread processing
v7.0 inch widescreen LCD with a resolution of 800×480
vUsing 32-bit high-performance CPU and ultra-large-scale programmable device FPGA
v56M user storage space
vReal-time comprehensive self-diagnosis function, real-time display of various states of the system
v Feed per minute, feed per revolution
vMetric system, imperial system input method
v Machine tool back to reference point
v Rapid override: F0, 25%, 50%, 100% total four levels of real-time adjustment
v Feedrate override: 0~150% total 16 levels real-time adjustment
v1 road spindle encoder feedback, the number of spindle encoder lines can be set (100p/r~5000p/r)
v Transmission ratio between encoder and main shaft: (1~255): (1~255)
v Spindle speed: can be given by S code or PLC signal, the speed range is 0r/min~9999r/min
v Spindle override: 50%~120% total 8 levels real-time adjustment
v Spindle constant speed control
v Interpolation method: linear interpolation, circular interpolation (supporting three-point circular interpolation), thread interpolation, rigid tapping
v Automatic chamfering function
vISO code, support sentence type macro code programming, support relative coordinate, absolute coordinate and mixed coordinate programming
v Program call: support macro program call with parameters, 4-level subprogram nesting
v Independent backlash compensation for each axis, memory-type pitch error compensation* Tool length compensation
v Tool nose radius compensation (C type)
v Tool wear compensation
v Tool life management
v Knife setting methods: fixed-point tool setting, trial cutting tool setting, tool setting back to reference point, automatic tool setting
v Tool offset execution mode: modify coordinate mode, tool movement mode
v Independent setting of maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration for each axis
v Spindle constant speed control
vThread function
v Flexible tapping/rigid tapping
v Emergency stop
v Hardware travel limit, software travel check
v Chinese and English page switching
v Display real-time time, number of processed pieces, processing time and other information
v Various interpolation command functions and M, S, T functions, etc.
²Data backup and recovery, upgrade function
Special advantage
1. Speed ​​advantage
v The highest fast moving speed can reach 60m/min
v Maximum cutting speed can reach 30m/min
v Cutting feed: front acceleration/deceleration linear type, front acceleration/deceleration S type, rear acceleration/deceleration linear type, rear acceleration/deceleration exponential type
v Rapid traverse: front acceleration/deceleration linear type, front acceleration/deceleration S type, rear acceleration/deceleration linear type, rear acceleration/deceleration exponential type
vThread cutting: linear and exponential are optional
v The start speed, end speed and acceleration/deceleration time of acceleration and deceleration are set by parameters
v Program preprocessing can realize smooth and seamless connection between program segments; smooth transition can be selected between program segments
2. Precision advantages
v Lead screw pitch compensation, memory-type pitch error compensation, to maximize machining accuracy
v1ms high-speed interpolation, control accuracy 1μm, 0.1μm optional, significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and surface quality of parts processing.
3. Interface advantages
vUsers can edit I/0 logic control by themselves, 36 inputs/36 outputs, and the input signal can realize online switching between high and low levels
vPLC program communication download
vUSB Removable U disk copy interface, which can realize U disk DNC function, realize external mass storage, can realize system upgrade, parameter, ladder diagram copy/restore
vRS232: Two-way transmission of parts programs, parameters and other files, supporting serial port upgrade of PLC programs and system software
v Can be equipped with external handwheel or panel handwheel
v Spindle frequency conversion control, spindle pulse control, feed axis pulse control,
4. Operational advantages
v Full-screen editing system, online modification of tool offsets, parameters and other operations
v Two-dimensional tool path display, and the graphics can be arbitrarily zoomed in, zoomed out, and translated, and the direction of the graphics coordinate system can be changed
v Multi-level password protection can be realized, such as program, parameter, ladder diagram protection, convenient on-site management
v Compatible with domestic and foreign mainstream CNC system instruction codes
v Spindle, feed, fast speed real-time adjustment
v Start processing at any block, start processing at any tool number
v During processing, single-stage and continuous switching at will
v Support handwheel trial cutting function
v Support program/program segment/word retrieval, modification, deletion, copy, paste
v The alarm record can be viewed to facilitate the search for program errors or machine failures
vSupport the help function, you can view the code meaning and operation guide
v Support online editing PLC
v Support multiple PLC programs (up to 20), and the currently running PLC program can be selected
vChinese and English interface switching
v User-defined I/O













vUSB 可移动U盘拷贝接口,可实现U盘DNC功能、实现外接海量存储器、可实现系统升级、参数、梯图拷贝/还原







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