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Turning CNC System

Turning CNC system GSK981T from CNCmakers has main features:

1-Z, X, Y three axis control, two-axis linkage, Y axis or servo-controlled spindle

2-0.001mm (ie μm level) interpolation accuracy.

3-Cutting speed up to 15000 mm / min; positioning speed up to 30,000 mm / min.

4-I/O interface Total: 23 input /18 output

5-Maximum 16 station turret, spindle, coolant, chuck, tailstock, feeding, alarm lights, automatic lubrication, plug-in hand pulse, protective door , low pressure testing; a variety of devices can be defined by I/O interface.

6- Unused I/O pins are free to control other functions with M code command.

7-The maximum radius of the arc is 1000m.





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