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Milling Machine CNC Controller

GSK980MA Drilling & Milling CNC system

       GSK980MA Milling Machine CNC system, is new upgrade economical system with more characters as follows:

l  High-speed CPU, programmable PLD, hardware interpolation, real high-speed grade control

l  Four layers mainboard, high integration, reasonable construction & techniques, super reliability

l  English/Chinese LCD display, friendly interface, convenient operation

l  Exchangeable speed-up/down time suitable for servo or step driver

l  Adjustable electronic gear ratio





320×240 lattice LCD

Controllable axes

3 axesXYZ

Linkage axes

Freewill 2 axes of  XYZ axes

Min setting unit

X axis: 0.001mm

Y axis: 0.001mm

Z axis: 0.001mm

Min move unit

X axis: 0.001mm

Y axis: 0.001mm

Z axis: 0.001mm

Max travel


Software travel limit


Max move speed


X axis: 7.6m/min

Y axis: 7.6m/min

Z axis: 7.6m/min

Max move speed


X axis: 15.2m/min

Y axis: 15.2m/min

Z axis: 15.2m/min

Feed speed


Fast speed ratio


4 grades actual adjustable

Feed ratio

0150%, 16 grades actual adjustable

Fast speed shift mode


Feed shift mode



Linear/ full-cycle arc

Electronic gear ratio


User program edit

Storage: 40KB/63programs, ISO code, full-screen edit

G function

24 kinds G codes, incl. 12 kinds fixed/complex cycle, 8 kinds macro dictate, read/write16 points input/6 points output

Subprogram, macro program

Two-double subprogram transfer, macro program transfer with M, S, T code (optional)

User data storage

Program, parameter, tool compensation and coordinate-holding at power-lost (non-losable RAM),

Program, parameters, tool compensation backup storageFlash-EEPROM


RS232 interface for transferring user program, parameters, tool compensation data between this system and PC (optional)

Spindle function

2 or 4 grades spindle shift, hand/program control,

Optional: 0~10V simulate output, spindle convertor control.

  Actually adjustable 50%120% spindle ratioconstant linearcutting speed

Tool function

Tool length compensation, 32 grades compensation setup

Tool radius compensation B, 32 grades compensation setup

Assistant function

All positive/reverse rotation, brake and stop of spindle, coolant, lubrication controlled by hand or program, collet controlled by program

Hand function

16 grades adjustable continuous hand feed; 0.001/0.01/0.1/1mm, 4 grades adjustable single step feed; 0.001/0.01/0.1mm, 3 grades adjustable feed handwheel (optional)

Operation mode

Edit, automation, input, hand (JOG), handwheel/single step, return mechanical origin, return program origin

Others function

Machine lock, assistant function lock, dry run, single segment run, program lock, parameter lock, extend ratio switch (optional), extend emergency button/feed hold/ circle start switch (optional)

Overall size




6.0kg(incl.Switch power)

 CNC Retrofit Kit:

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