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Milling CNC Controller

Milling CNC controller GSK990MA is suitable for CNC milling machine and machining centers, with 32-bit high performance ultra-large-scale programmable devices CPU and FPGA, real-time control and hardware interpolation technology to ensure the accuracy of the system μm level under the high efficiency, editable PLC makes the logic control functions more flexible and powerful.


1 - Supports standard RS232 and USB interface for data communication, DNC with serial port and USB online processing.

2-- Support GSK-Link, NCUC-Bus two industrial Ethernet interface, expandable to 64 axes (optional)

3 - Built-in PLC, ladder diagram editing with a dedicated PC software via RS232 or USB upload, download; I / O ports can be extended (optional)

4—Linear, exponential or S acceleration-deceleration modes are available.

5-- Rigid tapping and flexible tapping can be selected by parameter.

6-- With rotation, scaling, polar coordinates, fixed cycle and combined-cycle functions.

7—Supports power off memory and program restart function.

8-- Historical alarm and operation history, easier for user operation and maintenance

9-- Multi-level password protection.

10 – Flexible and expandable functions to reach customers' requirements.


GSK990MA CNC System User Manual:




CNC Retrofit Kit:


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