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KY-1000M Milling Machine Processing Center

      KYl000M milling machine machining center CNC system is a popular CNC system, with vertical and horizontal structures, suitable for milling machines, drilling and milling machines, grinding machines, etc. The system adopts 32-bit high-performance CPU and ultra-large-scale programmable device FPGA. Real-time control and hardware interpolation technology ensure the high efficiency of the system with μm-level precision. The editable PLC makes the logic control function more flexible and powerful. The KY1000M/KY1000M-V system can control 5 feed axes, 2 analog spindles, 1ms high-speed interpolation, and 0.1μm control accuracy, which significantly improves the efficiency, accuracy and surface quality of parts processing.

Functional characteristics
Number of control axes: 5 feed axes, 2 analog spindles;
Number of linkage axes: 5 axes
7.0-inch widescreen LCD with a resolution of 800×480
Using 32-bit high-performance CPU and ultra-large-scale programmable device FPGA
56M user storage space
Real-time all-round self-diagnosis function, real-time display of system status
Feed per minute, feed per revolution
Metric and imperial input methods
Machine tool return to reference point
Fast override: F0, 25%, 50%, 100% total four levels real-time adjustment
Feedrate override: 0~150% total 16 levels real-time adjustment
1 spindle encoder feedback, the number of spindle encoder lines can be set (100p/r~5000p/r)
Transmission ratio between encoder and spindle: (1~255): (1~255)
Spindle speed: can be given by S code or PLC signal, the speed range is 0r/min~9999r/min
Spindle override: 50%~120% total 8 levels real-time adjustment
Interpolation methods: linear interpolation, circular interpolation (supporting three-point circular interpolation), flexible tapping
Automatic chamfering function
Spindle constant linear speed control
ISO code, support sentence type macro code programming, support relative coordinate, absolute coordinate and mixed coordinate programming
Program call: support macro program call with parameters, 4 levels of subprogram nesting
With rotation, scaling, polar coordinates, canned cycle and a variety of compound cycle functions for milling grooves
Independent backlash compensation for each axis
Pitch error compensation: compensation points, compensation interval, compensation origin can be set
Tool radius compensation, tool length compensation, tool wear compensation, tool life management
Tool offset execution mode: modify coordinate mode, tool movement mode
Independent setting of maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration for each axis
Emergency stop, hardware travel limit, software travel check
Chinese and English page switching
Display real-time time, number of processed pieces, processing time and other information
Various interpolation command functions and M, S, T functions, etc.
Data backup and recovery, upgrade function
Special advantage
Speed ​​advantage
The highest fast moving speed can reach 60m/min
Maximum cutting speed can reach 30m/min
Cutting feed: front acceleration/deceleration linear type, front acceleration/deceleration S type, rear acceleration/deceleration linear type, rear acceleration/deceleration exponential type
Rapid traverse: front acceleration/deceleration linear type, front acceleration/deceleration S type, rear acceleration/deceleration linear type, rear acceleration/deceleration exponential type
The start speed, end speed and acceleration/deceleration time of acceleration and deceleration are set by parameters
The system has a forward-looking function, which can pre-read 15-segment NC programs at most, making small-line interpolation high-speed and smooth, suitable for parts processing
Precision advantage
Lead screw pitch compensation, memory type pitch error compensation, to maximize machining accuracy
1ms high-speed interpolation, control accuracy 1μm, 0.1μm optional, significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and surface quality of parts processing.
Interface advantage
The user can edit I/0 logic control, 36 input/36 output, and the input signal can realize the high and low level online switching
PLC program communication download
USB removable U disk copy interface, can realize the U disk DNC function, realize the external mass storage, can realize the system upgrade, parameter, ladder diagram copy/restore
RS232: Two-way transmission of parts programs, parameters and other files, and supports serial port upgrade of PLC programs and system software
Can be equipped with external handwheel or panel handwheel
Spindle frequency conversion control, feed axis pulse control
Operational advantages
Full-screen editing system, online modification of tool offsets, parameters and other operations
Two-dimensional tool path display, and graphics can be arbitrarily zoomed in, reduced, and translated, and the direction of the graphics coordinate system can be changed
Multi-level password protection can be realized, such as program, parameter, ladder diagram protection, convenient on-site management
Compatible with the instruction codes of mainstream CNC systems at home and abroad
Real-time adjustment of spindle, feed, fast speed
Start processing at any block, start processing at any tool number
During processing, single-stage and continuous switching at will
Support handwheel trial cutting function
Support automatic tool setting function
Support program/program segment/word retrieval, modification, deletion, copy, paste
The alarm record can be viewed to facilitate the search for program errors or machine failures
Support the help function, you can view the code meaning and operation guide
Support online editing PLC
Support multiple PLC programs (up to 20), the current running PLC program can be selected
Chinese and English interface switch
User-defined I/O

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