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CK6135 CNC Lathe Machine

ITEMS                                          UNIT        SPECIFICATIONS                                                                            
Max. swing over bed mm Ф350
Max. swing over carrier mm Ф160
Max. length of workpiece mm 500
Max. travel X mm 220
Z mm 500
Spindle speeds range rpm 500-2600
Dia of spindle bore/Taper of the tail-stock mm Ф45/30°
3-jaw chuck mm Ф160
Turret   4 or 6 or gang tools
Max. size of cutter mm 20 x 20
Feeding motor power X nm 5/8
Z nm 7.5/12
Rapid moving speed Servo/Step X m/min 8/3
Z m/min 10/3
Min. movement Servo/Step mm 0.001/0.01
Min. displacement Servo/Step mm 0.001/0.01
Repeat position accuracy mm 0.007
Power of main motor kw 3.7
Power of coolant pump motor w 120
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)   mm 1700 x 1100 x 1570
Net wight of machine kg 1200
Design and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

CNC controller system:
GSK980TDb or GSK928TEII with DA98A/DA98B/SJT AC servo motor driver
DAP03/ZJY AC Servo Spindle Motor Driver

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