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CK7130B CNC Lathe Machine

Items CK7130B
Bed type Slant bed 45°
Max.swing diam.over bed mm 350
Max.length of workpiece mm 350
Max.swing diam.over drag board mm 140
Max.diam.of through-hole mm 36
Spindle speed rpm 300~3500
Main motor power kW 5.5
X/Z travel mm 175/420
X/Z rapid traverse mm/min 12000/15000
X/Z servo motor torque Nm 6/6
Type of turret Horizontal electric turret
No.of tool stations nos 6/8
Tool cross section mm 20x20
Cone of tailstock sleeve mm Morse 3
Diam.of tailstock sleeve mm 60
Max.strike of tailstock sleeve mm 50
Manual collet N/A
Pneumatic collet N/A
Hydraulic collet optional
Manual chuck optional
Hydraulic chuck included
Hydraulic tailstock included
4-station electrical turret N/A
Gang type tool post N/A
Overall dimension (LxWxH) mm 1800x1400x1750
Net weight kg 2000

CNC controller system:
GSK980TDb or GSK988T with DA98A/SJT AC servo motor driver
DAP03/ZJY AC Servo Spindle Motor Driver


*Standard Accessory:Hydraulic collet,Lighting device,Indicator light,Assorted tools and

 User Guide.

*Optinal Accessry:Hydraulic collet,Automatic feeder.

*With slant bed ,the machines are characterized by features of easy chip emission,

 convenient operation,full protection,leakage free as well as attractive out-looking.

*With easy load and unload,the machines have rooms for robots to be installed .

*With resincasting bed,the machines are high in rigidity and vibration-proofing.

*With high speed ,the machines can have high speed cutting for high productivity.

*With hydraulic-driven spindle chuck and cycling oil tanks,this CNC machine has

 higher automation.

*precision rolling linear guideways are used in X and Z direction,bed saddle driven

 part is in the middle of the machine,it drives easily and do not produce side torque.

*32×10 Precision Ball Screws are used in X and Z directions,with direct connection

 between large diameter ,the pitch,Screw straight are connected with the serve

 motor,transmission is concise and accurate.

*This machine is suitable for large quantity cutting of disk parts,sleeve and short-axis

  type products,inner and outside thread surface cone and sphere surface.

*The lathe is suitable for large quantity cutting of disk parts, sleeve and short -axis

  type products, inner and outside thread surface, cone and sphere surface.


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