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The GSK920 CNC system is a five-axis engraving machine CNC system developed by our company for the woodworking engraving industry. The system has the functions of fast processing speed, high processing accuracy, support for graphics, G-code online editing programs, and simulation processing; it adopts an integrated machine design, Reduced space occupation, easy and convenient connection, beautiful appearance, anti-interference, etc.
Technical characteristics
high speed
Maximum moving speed 100m/min
Adopt intelligent forward-looking and precise motion control algorithm to ensure processing quality and processing efficiency
High system stability, fast response time, 7*24 hours industrial environment trouble-free testing
Dust proof, oil proof, water vapor proof, damage proof, system disk write protection, maintenance free
Closed box design to better protect the hardware circuit
Dust, oil, vapor, and damage
Reduce the number of connecting wires and simple wiring
High system stability
The interface can be easily customized according to customer needs

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