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HC4300 Plasma/Flame CNC Controller

HC4300 is Economical plasma and flame CNC controller ,it is upgraded version and available to control 3 stepping/servo motors at the same time,and single program can store 20000 lines of instructions and processing code .it can be applied in portable plasma / flame cutting machine or small gantry cutting machine.


1-More Large memory capacity;

2-Convenient data transmission;

3-Strong anti-interference ability;

4-Auto save and restore when power failure.

5-Use 32-bit high-performance CPU and super-large scale programmable element FPGA, apply real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, and have high stability when working;

6-Process structure of the whole machine is logical, and matched with full optocoupler isolation control, which has strong plasma anti-interference ability;

7-Super-sized processing file storage space with 256M, single program can store 10000 lines of instructions, which can meet the running and processing of each complicated program and handle the running of large program easily;

8-Adopt ARM7 processor technology, and program running speed and interface refresh speed are faster;

9-Plasma arcing detection, initial locating, and turning signal control;

Figure library;

10-Help: It is easier for the new users to use;

11-Figure processing functions: Material Deployment, rotate, and X, Y Mirror on the process figure;

12-Functions of replacing gun nozzle of cutting gun, displacement perforation and moving parts;

13-Chinese file name is shown for the convenience of the user to figure out the content of the saved file;

14-Breakpoint recovery function, and power-off protection is offered during processing;

15-Track can return to the origin continuously;

16-Delay, preheating and perforation functions;

17-Graphics display, real-time track moving display;

18-Processing files in the NCS can be copied to the U-disk;

19-User can copy the latest program to the controller by U disk to take the latest application update and upgrade;

20-Track input is done by CAD graphics file transmission via U disk and on-site manually writing G code;

21-USB and RS232 serial communication control, the function of reading file by U disk directly, with easy on-site operations;

22-Stepping motor uses high-subdivision driver with high precision and stable running;

Rising and dropping adjustable;

23-Signal inspection function is set inside, to help user resolve machine malfunction fast;

24-Available to control 3 stepping/servo motors at the same time, and two axes can synchronize or develop the function of the third axis again according to the actual requirements;

25-With 5.7-inch blue display screen and human operating interface, simple and easy to use.

26-Display: 320*240;

27-Memory: 32M RAM, 256M Flash ROM;

28-Control axis: 3 axes;

29-Linkage axis: 2 to 3 axes;

30-Programmable input: 32-route (fully optical coupler insolated);

31-Programmable output: 16-route (fully optical coupler insolated);

32-Pulse output: pulse + direction or pulse + pulse;

33-UC/OS-II operation system;

34-Hand box port;

35-USB, series port.

36-Application cases:

Flame cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine

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