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DAP03 AC Servo Spindle Motor Drivers

DAP03 AC Spindle Servo Driver

Wide timing range, small speed fluctuation and short starting/braking time, DAP03 AC Asynchronous Spindle Drive Unit realizes digital vector control of AC asynchronous motor to gain exact positioning of AC asynchronous motor. It is the optimum choice to improve performance and reduce the cost of CNC machine.

High performance DSP and CPLC to realize digital control and high reliability;
High pressure AC busbar(600V), big power IPM, excellent dynamic response;
Asynchronous motor vector control, wide valid timing range and small speed fluctuation;
External contact signal can the spindle orientation and set 8 positioning points;
Three-phase 380V direct input without power transformer to get the convenient installation and low cost.

Drive unit type
Continuous output power (S1)
30min output power (S2)
Input power supply
3 three-phase AC380V(-15%~+10%) 50/60Hz
Working mode
Internal speed run, external speed run, Jog, trial run, position run, speed/position switch run
Constant torque timing ratio
1000:1(corresponding motor speed 1.51500 r/min
Constant power timing ratio
4:1(corresponding motor speed 15006000r/min)
Stead speed precision
Foundation speedrated speed×0.1%
Speed control mode
Speed closed loop control with speed feedback
External speed command input
10V+10V or 0+10V
Speed feedback input
Incremental rotation encoder signal feedback, lines 128~8000p/rA/B/Z differential signal
Position run mode
Input mode
pulse+direction CCW pulse/CW pulse A/B two phases orthogonal pulse
Electronic gear ratio
gear ratio numerator 132767
gear ratio denominator 132767
Orientation function
Set 8 orientation points on the motor encoder or the spindle encoder, the external contact selects the orientation point, start motor(spindle) orientation, orientation angle deviation≤ 
Spindle position feedback input
Incremental rotary encoder signal fee, lines 128~8000p/rA/B/Z differential signal
Position feedback output
Motor encoder or spindle encoder signal 1:1 output, A/B/Z differential signal
Control input signal
7 input interfaces: servo enabling, zero speed clamp, CCW, CW, speed(orientation point), orientation start, speed/position switch and so on
Control output signal
7 output interfaces: alarm, ready, speed arrival, orientation completion, zero speed output, speed/position switch, motor Z pulse
Protection function
Protection from overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, overcurrent, overload, overheat, abnormal encoder and so on.
Display function
6-bit LEDdisplaying software/hardware version, working
mode, current speed, speed command, encoder position/state,
current, torque, I/O state, busbar voltage, alarm code, parameter and so on
Operation function
5 pressing keys to select working mode and display content to modify parameters and so on .
External brake resistance
Refer to Brake Resistance Allocation Table
Storage temperature and humidity
Below -40~55℃ / 95%RH(40℃)
Working temperature/humidity
0~40℃ / 30%~95%(no dewing )
Protection grade
Appearance dimension


Note 1: The servo motor with the special polar and the basic frequency is specially ordered, and the optional servo unit must use the exclusive software; max. speed of the standard allocation servo motor is 6000r/min, and the motor with more 6000r/min speed is ordered specially;



Note 2: When the ratio between the servo motor and the spindle is 1:1 without gap drive, the spindle can complete the exact orientation without the spindle encoder; when the ratio is not 1:1, the spindle cannot does without the spindle encoder.


 Depends on AC servo spindle motors sizes, the model name could be DAY3025 or DAY3100 also

 DAY3025-ZJY208-2.2BH-B3[B5,B35]    Rated power: 2.2KW, 30min. power: 3.7KW
DAY3025-ZJY208-2.2BM-B3[B5,B35]    Rated power: 2.2KW, 30min. power: 3.7KW
DAY3025-ZJY208-3.7BH-B3[B5,B35]    Rated power: 3.7KW, 30min. power: 5.5KW
DAY3025-ZJY208-3.7BM-B3[B5,B35]    Rated power: 3.7KW, 30min. power: 5.5KW
DAP03-ZJY208-5.5BH-B3[B5,B35]         Rated power: 5.5KW, 30min. power: 7.5KW
DAP03-ZJY208-5.5BM-B3[B5,B35]         Rated power: 5.5KW, 30min. power: 7.5KW
DAP03-ZJY208-7.5BH-B3[B5,B35]         Rated power: 7.5KW, 30min. power: 11KW
DAP03-ZJY265-7.5BM-B3[B5,B35]         Rated power: 7.5KW, 30min. power: 11KW
DAP03-ZJY265-11BM-B3[B5,B35]          Rated power: 11KW, 30min. power: 15KW
DAY3100-ZJY265-15BM-B3[B5,B35]      Rated power: 11KW, 30min. power: 15KW

User Manual Download:


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