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China CNC System

New CNC controllers from China have been released, including: C1000T, C1000M, GSK25IG, GSK25IMB, GSK986, GSK980TDi, GSK980MDi, GSK980HC, GSK980TC3, GSK980TB3, and the popular China CNC systems GSK928TEa, GSK96, GPC1000A, GSK988TA1, GSK988TD, GSK988MA,GSK988MB, GSK218MC, GSK208D, GSK990MC, GSK25IM, GSK25ITB, GSK25IRA, GSK983MA, GSK25IMB, GSK208D, GSK218TC, GSK988TA, GSK988TB, GSK988, GSK980TTC, GSKGPC, GSK 928TEb, GSK928GEa, GSK986G, GSK928TA2, etc.

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